2020 GreatLIFE Classic Membership Plans


GreatLIFE Kansas City is excited about the 2020 golf season and look forward to providing you with improved course conditions, excellent customer service and a new and improved member booking portal that will be much easier to use. As you might have seen a few weeks ago, we are restructuring the GreatLIFE membership and the new Classic courses include Blue Springs, Drumm Farm, Royal Meadows, Painted Hills, Leavenworth, Shiloh Springs and Moila Golf Club. Starting April 1st, your monthly membership rates will be adjusting to the following rates as a Classic member:

Q&A With Brett Klausman, the new President of GreatLIFE KC.


We are aware that with change comes questions. We have done our best to compile a list of the most frequently asked questions. If your specific question is not answered here, feel free to submit the question via our form at the bottom of the page and we will get back to you with answers.

What is the difference between the One Course Golf with Cart and the All-Course Golf with Cart?

The One Course Golf with Cart allows you to play your home course any time you like without having to pay a cart fee. While you still have access to play the 6 other Classic courses, you will have to pay a cart fee of $20+tax when you play them. The All-Course Golf with Cart eliminates the cart fees regardless of which Classic course you play. 

Will I still Have to Sign an Annual Contract?

Yes. Everyone will be required to sign new annual contracts. 

What is the cancellation date for our existing contracts?

In order to give all of our members a chance to weigh the new changes and come to a decision about their GreatLIFE membership, we are extending the contract cancellation date to March 31st this year . If you decide to cancel, you will still need to fill out and return the Cancellation Form HERE. 

What will happen if I do not cancel my membership by March 31st?

Anyone who does not cancel their membership by March 31st will remain a GreatLIFE member, and will be transitioned to the 2020 Classic rates and benefits plans.

Can I get a discount for paying for the year in a single upfront payment?

Yes. Anyone choosing to pay their annual dues upfront will receive a 5% discount off of the standard rate plans.

Which Courses are Being Eliminated in This Change?

The process of restructuring GreatLIFE has required some very difficult decisions to be made. Some of those decisions regarded which properties play a key role in our success going forward, and which courses no longer align with our strategic vision. To be specific, the courses which will no longer be a part of GreatLIFE are: River Oaks, Liberty Hills and Hillcrest.

I know many of you will have questions and concerns about the future of these courses. As of now, we have no information regarding their futures, but as we learn new information we will definitely pass it along.

Will Classic members have access to play Signature courses?

Classic members will have access to Signature courses, but it will be at a much higher rate than in the past. The reason for this is to protect access to the Signature courses for Signature members. They will be paying substantially higher dues to be members at their respective courses, so we thought it was only fair to ensure that they have as good of a private club experience as we can provide. Additionally , at all of the Signature courses, we will be putting in substantial resources to raise the quality of play to our high expectations. This requires generating additional revenue, and the higher play fees/cart fees is one area we identified to make that up.

The rates for Classic members to play Signature courses are as follows: (all rates include green fees and cart fees.)

  • Canyon Farms: $175+tax
  • Staley farms: $150+tax
  • St. Joseph Country Club: $120+tax
  • Tallgrass Country Club: $100+tax
  • Willowbend: $100+tax
  • Falcon Ridge: $100+tax
  • Prairie Highlands: $85+tax

Why are Falcon Ridge, Deer Creek, Prairie Highlands and St. Joesph Country Club being removed from the Classic plan of the past?

During the course of the transition to a new ownership team, a lot of time and energy was spent identifying the value of all of the assets across the GreatLIFE portfolio. One thing that became readily apparent was that we basically had two types of courses: Upper-tier courses which could deliver a premium experience (with some improvements to the properties and facilities) and where we could charge a premium rate, and another set of courses which offered what we believe to be the best affordable golf experience in the city. Both are critical to our success going forward, but the economics of golf require that we offer different levels of amenities at the different levels, and that expectations be properly set for the type of experience a golfer at a specific course can expect.

As we formulated our vision for the Signature courses, it was clear that maintaining access to the course for members paying premium rates was going to be essential. For this reason, we decided to restrict access to our Classic members. Classic members are not prohibited from playing Signature courses; they will just either have to pay higher rates for access, or become a Signature member at the course of their choosing.

Will you be making any changes to improve the conditions at the Classic courses?

There is both a short-term and long-tern answer to this question. The short-term answer is that our first and main priority is to stabalize the financial situation at the Classic courses. This is a large part of the reason we have had to make difficult decisions regarding closing courses, raising rates, etc. The sheer economic reality is no course that can't turn a profit can remain viable.

The long-term answer, though, is yes, we will make capital improvements to properties and facilities that are financially stable. These improvements will be part of a larger strategic vision that we will formulate with both input from our members and insight from industry professionals. As the time comes to formulate the individual strategic plans for each course, we wil be soliciting feedback from all of you.

Are there any discounted rate plans?

GreatLIFE will continue to offer the Hero Rate to all active military, veterans, and first responders. In addition, Shriners are eligible for a discount at Moila. The discounted rates represent a 10% savings over our standard rate plans.

Will you be continuing the Even Better plan add-on?

The Even Better plan add-on is going away, but we are offering an annual Range Pass at Blue Springs, Drumm Farm, Moila & Shiloh Springs. The rates for the Range Pass are $200 for an individual or $300 for a family. This payment is not eligible to be broken into monthly payments. It will be a single annual payment.

Will Classic members still have access to the fitness centers?

Yes. Classic members will have fitness center access at: Blue Springs, Drumm Farm, Leavenworth, Moila, Overland Park Racquet Club, Painted Hills & our new Shiloh Springs facility.



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